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A yarn based reinforcement which provides excellent drapeability, light weight, good mechanical strength and superior surface finish.
Continuous glassfibre filaments wound into a reel or cheese, a multitude of grades are available dependent upon application, ie. Spray lay-up, filament winding, weaving, pultrusion etc.
Used mainly as a jointing or repair bandage, the selvedges of the tape give a clean line to the repair or joint.
Pure carbon filaments in a woven fabric configuration produces extremely rigid lightweight laminates.
Supplied in Uni or Bi-directional form.
A combination weave of 1:1 Aramid/Carbon fibre for optimum durability and stiffness.
Kevlar is the trade name for Duponts aromatic polyamide fibres. The material offers greatly improved performance over conventional glassfibre reinforcements on weight saving, impact resistance and durability.
A bi-directional 200gm/square metre selvedge tape.
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