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There are four different nozzles available, they are Standard, Spray, Bulk Filling and Fine Filling.
A two part liquid which when mixed together produces a rigid brown foam, for buoyancy and cavity filling.
35-40kg/m³ density, closed cell foam sheet
Herex C70 is a rigid closed-cell foam with a high stiffness to weight ratio. Ideally suited as a core material for lightweight sandwitch structures. Available in 40-200kg/m3 density and 5-50mm thickness. Airex R63 is a themoformable closed cell foam with extremely high impact resistance. Available in 60-140 kg/m3 density and 5-50mm thickness. Both of the above products are available in 30 mm x 30 mm squares with scrim backing.
Used to form accurate radii on moulding patterns, will adhere to wood and coated surfaces.
Used to apply wax fillet to pattern surface.
Commonly used whenever it is required to add a definite material thickness to any flat or contoured surface. Adhesive backed, ready to use.
Air drying low viscosity liquid, applied prior to release agent(s) to ensure resins release from sheet wax.
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