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Velocity MV83 Liquid Mould Sealer
MV83 semi-permanent liquid mould sealer
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Objective: To seal the microscopic pores and surface imperfections of the mold surface in order to create an impermeable surface to which Velocity MV84,or MV85 Liquid Mold Release can be applied.

Features: New breakthrough in polymer chemistry. Polymers chemically fuse to mold surface. Multi-surface - works with polyester, epoxy and aluminum molds. Withstands high temperature, up to 600°F (315ºC). Contains no carcinogens

Benefits: - Superior polymer chemistry seals mold better. Long lasting durability with fewer applications. Will not dull, streak, or haze a previously polished surface. All climate performance – performs equally well in high or low humidity. Increases profits by decreasing downtime. No foul odor or obnoxious fumes – makes application more enjoyable

Tools Needed: - 100% cotton cloth, or lint-free paper towel. Spray Applicator (Optional)

Mould Prep: New molds must be fully cured before using the Meguiar’s Velocity Mold ReleaseSafety Tip: Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

System. Velocity MV 83 Liquid Mold Sealer should be used on a clean, contaminant free surface that has been previously polished to a high gloss using Velocity MV82 High Gloss Polish.


Safety Data: Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Meguiar’s products and should be consulted prior to use of the product.

Professional Tip: When applying by hand use overlapping circular motions.

Price: £99.00/US Gallon + VAT
A high performance liquid mould sealer

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